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Godfidence part 2

Godfidence is a trust in God, trusting in his reliability and ability to do the mighty thing in and around your and my life. Godfidence is trusting in his strength and power. We let go of control and surrender it all to him.  

Three years ago, I was literally lost. You couldn’t  really see it on the outside, but on the inside I was dieing slowly and I’m unfortunately not exaggerating.

I was already walking with the Lord, but I was doing everything in my own strenght. I was trying to please everyone and I was also trying to please God,living a legalistic live. Being legalistic means you don’t know how much God loves you and your trying to please him to obtain his grace . I didnt know my identity very well. Everything was head knowledge instead of heart knowledge.

I struggled with a lot of fear and anxiety. Little fears and big fears.

What will happen to my kids when they grow up..

What if I lose my parents..

What if I get sick….

In my daily life I was relying on myself to make the work done. And it got done. I was a hustling momma. SUPER independent, SUPER scared. 

I had a really good degree

My own house

Three beautiful children

My own website

I was ok with the number on the scale

But among other things, all  my stress and striving led to a psychosis, yes you hear that right. It even got so bad they needed to call the police and I stayed in a psychiatric hospital for six weeks. Crazy, right?

But GOD,

He took me by the hand and invited me on an intense journey of inner healing. My soul needed surgery and he was the perfect surgeon.

He healed me and thought me how to become more and more  GODFIDENT. And I say more and more, because I saw overtime that it was a proces. I am still learning everyday and I feel at peace with that. Because of who he is and what he has done, I will always love him.

So what exactly is Godfidence?

There is a difference between self confidence and GODfidence.

Confidence: is based on my ability
Godfidence: is based on Gods ability

What makes Godfidence so different?  

Godfidence is different from self-confidence because confidence emphasizes staying in Christ. Stay close to Him and you will bear plenty of fruit. And bearing fruit means becoming a disciple and following the Lord. Everyone is here on earth for a purpose and GODfidence gives us the courage and strength to actually do something with our purpose.
Walking in our purpose can heal a lot of 
and even our depression
and loneliness. 

So, Godfidence is trusting the Lord. Godfidence is it is no longer I who live for myself, but it is God who lives inside of me.

Godfidence is the knowledge that our God almighty is in control of or lives. He is the beginning and end, the alpha and omega. The knowledge that God is in control of our lives when we have surrendered our lives to him. Without God we are nothing. We can do the things he called us to do if we stay in him. And this means we make room for him daily and we put our ‘alone’ time with him first.

We trust in God’s ability to do in our lives what he promises in his word. Even if it takes awhile to see it happen. He is never late.

Confidence is about what we can do ourselves.

Godfidence is about what God can do in our lives and in our hearts

God asked me to do three things

  1. Heal the relationship I had with others
  2. Put the relationship with God first
  3. Forgive myself and work on the shame and guilt I was feeling towards myself and my children because of my disease and the fact that they had to live with only their mother.

In addition to that it is so important that we know our identity.

Yes our identity.

God gives us a whole new identity.

I knew this three years ago but the key to genuine revelation was that I started using my identity muscle. Just like with training a muscle in your arm you need to use your arms multiple times and DO something. SO that’s what I did. I brought action to the word of God. When God says I’m valuable, I will stop telling myself I can’t do anything. When God says I’m royalty like His child, I decided to dress differently. When God says I’m his heir, I started reading books about wealth and finance. I started working with the different levels: body soul, mind and spirit. I had to take off my old jacket to take on a new identity. And that was harder than zipping your own dress on your own.

I can tell you that

Together with him we can do what he has called us to do in this life.

To me this was such a relieve. I cannot miss what he has for me. I am failing no one, because that was what I was always thinking. Even if I dont work on my purpose for a year, he can use me even when I am not aware of it. It is his shining light that shines trough my shortcomings.

You will never accomplish anything for the kingdom, the voice in my head said three years ago, after my psychosis.

You are a blessing everywhere you go, he whispers to me.

Follow my page for part 3 when we dive deeper into the topic of bearing fruit with GODfidence.

With love,

Yours truly,

Marina Nubia

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